Accidents happen. Knowing basic First Aid and CPR skills could be the difference between life and death in many situations.

Studies have shown that basic first aid administered in the first few minutes after an emergency can be vital to the survival of an accident victim.

They are skills that can be utilized both in an unfortunate scuba diving or boating accident but also in our daily lives outside of the diving realm. Everyday we run the risk of witnessing or of being injured in a work-related or automobile accident, natural disaster or of becoming seriously ill.

Learn the basic skills you can use to aid someone confidently in one of the above situations and become a life saver. You would want someone close by who had the skills to come to your aid if you were the vicitim of such an unfortunate event.

Emergency First Response
Emergency First Response
Don't be a helpless by-stander at the scene of an accident. Studies have shown that effective emergency first aid administered within the first few minutes of an accident increase the survival rate of accident victims significantly!  Be prepared to handle emergencies wherever they occur. Learn vital emergency first aid skills which could mean the difference between life and death when you are the confident responder to the scene of an accident.
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Emergency First Response Instructor Utila Honduras
Emergency First Response Instructor
CPR and Emergency First Aid knowledge are extremely important and useful skills to have regardless of the industry you work in, or the environment in which you live.  Accidents can happen at anytime, anywhere and having the correct training will allow you to be able to think clearly and act effectively should you be a first responder on the scene of an accident, or the onset of a serious illness.  Completing the EFR Instructor Course at Underwater Vision will allow you to instruct students to obtain these vital life-saving skills.
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