Airport Caves

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Diving at Airport Caves, Utila

Dive Site Description

Located about 10 minutes from Underwater Vision Airport Caves is on the east side of the Island in front of what used to be the old airstrip of Utila.

Buoys: 1

This site is unique for its swim throughs, caves and caverns.

The top of the reef starts at about 10ft (3m) and then drops down till 50+ft (15+m) where a sandy slop continuous down till a 100+ft (30+m) where after a second reef appears. In the sand you can search for Garden Eels, Stingrays and Pipefish and on the reef you will find a variety of fish like Barracuda, Black Durgeon and Angelfishes. On the second reef you may find the rare Reef Butterfly Fish.
The shallow sand patches are relatively small at this site. Group size will determine suitability for skills practice.

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