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Dive Site Description

Located about 20 minutes from Underwater Vision Aquarium is on east-northeast side of the Island.

Buoys: 2

The dive site actually consists of 3 separate reefs: The shoreline, the middle reef and an outer reef running parallel to the middle reef. The buoy is placed on the middle reef in about 45ft (13m) of water.

You will get the best dive by crossing a big flat sandy area heading towards the shore. Along the shoreline you will find a very scenic route with overhangs, caverns and smaller caves. This is a great place for spotting Octopus, Moray Eels and also any member of the Boxfish family.

Crossing back towards the middle reef you will find a variation of soft coral and sand which is habitat for different types of rays such as the Electric Ray and also Snake Eels. On the middle reef you may find Lionfish, but also take a look for Nurse Sharks resting during the day.

The presence of big sandy areas make Aquarium a great dive site for skills practice for courses such as the PADI Advanced Open Water Course - Peak Performance Buoyancy and Navigation. Due to the shallow depth PADI Open Water Diver Students can also enjoy this beautiful site.

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