Big Rock

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Dive Site Description

Located about 20-25 minutes away from Underwater Vision, Big Rock is on the south west side of the island.

Buoys: 3

There is one buoy located next to a big sandy slope running directly from the beach, and another buoy on the actual reef wall. The top of the reef is at about 15ft (4.5m) and the sand slops down to 130+ft (40+m) relatively fast.

If you swim towards the beach you can find depths appropriate for confined water training. It is a stunning wall dive and you can also look for the swim through directly under the second buoy. Big Rock is ideal for Seahorses and if you are lucky you may find one of the tiny Pipe Horses near the Pinecone algae. In the sand you may find the Upside-down jelly fish and a variation of different reef fish along the wall.

Big Rock can be used for any type of PADI Certification Course work from confined water for the PADI Open Water Diver Course to the PADI Deep Specialty which makes it a very popular dive site.

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