Black Coral Wall/ Silver Garden

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Dive Site Description

Located about 15 minutes from Underwater Vision, Black Coral Wall/Silver Garden is on the south side of the Island and actually consists of 4 different buoys.

Buoys: four

The shallow parts of the reef mound are at about 15-20ft (4.5m) and mainly made of big sandy patches and scattered reef. A dramatic wall drops down to about a 100ft (30m) where after a sandy slope continues down to a max of 130ft (40m).

Along the wall grows different kinds of coral like the famous black coral, which lends the wall dive a kind of spooky and dramatic feel. Along the wall you may find different types Groupers and the Green Moray Eel.

Under the 3rd buoy is a big crack in the wall and right above it group of pillar coral which hosts schooling Black Margates (Grunts) and Chubs. In the shallows, look for the little green turtle that seems to inhabit the area and also a large family of squids.

In the afternoons you are guaranteed to experience the mating ritual of the Yellowtail Parrotfish, which is a pretty active process. Because of the big sandy shallows Black Coral Wall/Silver Garden this dive site is ideal for the skill portion of the Open Water course, but can really do for anything up to Deep Spec.

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