Blackish Point

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Dive Site Description

Located about 45-50 minutes from Underwater Vision Blackish Point is situated on the North-Northeast side of the Island.

Buoys: one

Blackish point got its name from a large population of a Black Groupers that used to hang around in this area, unfortunately the stocks of this type of fish are depleted in this area.

The reef of Blackish Point starts at about 30ft (9m) and is mainly made up of volcanic rocks and soft coral. The wall drops down and if you follow a path along the wall it will take you up and down from about 40ft (12m) to a max of 80ft (24m). Following the path takes you on a stunning dive under overhangs and crevices and with the opportunity to explore small caverns. This very scenic tour makes
it a favourite dive site for many divers. The multiple crevices of the wall host good shelter for Lionfish and Moray Eels and you will likely find huge Spiny Lobsters and Spotted Drums as well.

Blackish Point is also one of the few dive sites where the big Midnight Parrotfish are commonly seen. Depending of the strength of the current Blackish Point is ideal for drift dives, which also gives divers a chance to explore more of this extraordinary dive site.

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