CJ’s Drop Off

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Dive Site Description

Located about 50-60 minutes away from Underwater Vision, CJ’s Drop Off is in the very western part of Turtle Harbour on the North side of the Island.

Buoys: one

The marine reserve Turtle Harbour is known for its enormous walls which seem to drop down into the deep blue to 130ft (40m), and beyond. It is situated on the continental shelf, which explains the steep walls and the ability to reach great depths. Diving along the impressively steep wall puts you in between deep water on one side and the diverse reef on the other.

Quite often you may see eagle rays passing by, barracudas and at depth look for Lionfish. If you swim away from reef wall and explore into the shallows you can go on a neat tour through sand channels and little canyons, ideal for Spotted Drums and Eels.

CJ’s Drop Off is unique because of the shallow sand patches you find directly below the buoy. Varying in depth from about 25-30ft (7-9m) this becomes one of the only places in Turtle Harbour where you can easily conduct Scuba Reviews or the skill portion of an Open Water course dive. This makes it a great North side dive site for pretty much any PADI dive course of level of fun diver.

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