Don Quickset

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Dive Site Description

Located about 50-60 minutes from Underwater Vision, Don Qiuckset is on the north-western side of the Island.

Buoys: one

The buoy is strategically placed right on the drop off at 10ft(3m). The top of the reef is at about 10ft (3m) of water and hosts a large variety of juvenile fish of many different species, like yellowtail damselfish, Parrotfish and Blue Tangs. Look also for the beautiful, but shy Red cheek Blenny.

A steep wall drops down to between 40-50ft (12-15m) and from there canyon-like channels carve their way into the volcanic rocks. From the top the site it may appear a bit untidy, but you can have great fun crisscrossing around in the channels. Continuing out from the channels there is a sandy area which opens up scattered with rocky coral formations. This is a terrific place for seeing huge Southern Stingrays and Hawk fish.

Cruising the channels you may possibly find a Nurse Shark under the rocks and various types of Groupers.

The maximum depth of the site is 90ft (27m), however, the best parts of the dive remain at about 50-60ft (15-18m) where most of the interesting topographical features and marine life appear.

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