Halliburton Wreck

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Diving the Halliburton in Utila

Dive Site Description

The Halliburton Shipwreck was purposefully sunk in the harbour of Utila in 1998.

It is a cargo ship, prepared to be sunk in order to create an artificial reef and for dive training attracting more divers to Utila.

The bow of the ship faces east and the ship lies in 30 metres of water resting upright in the sand.

The deck of the ship is at 20 metres and the top of the bridge which is located at the stern of the ship is at 18 metres. The length of the ship from bow to stern is 30m.

A dive on the Halliburton can be done in a 35-45 minute time frame, provided no penetration will be done and staying within the No Decompression Limits.

This site is suitable for the wreck dive element of the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course or the PADI Wreck Adventure dive.

There are places where penetration is possible making this an ideal site for divers who have a fair amount of wreck diving experience.

This is an ideal site for a Nitrox dive to make for an extended exploration of the Halliburton without exceeding the No Decompression Limits.

Marine life varies on this site from small crabs and shrimps hiding in the cracks and crevices of the ship to larger schooling fish circling on the outer side of the bridge. There is a large green moray eel which makes the bottom of the ship its home as well.

There are two buoys at this site, one attached to the bow of the boat and the other attached at the stern.

This site is very close to town just beyond the bay past the lighthouse. From Underwater Vision it is less than a 5 minute boat trip so be sure to have your gear ready before leaving the dock!

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