Iron Bound

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Dive Site Description

Located about 40 minutes from Underwater Vision, Iron Bound stretches over 3 buoys on the North East side of the island in an area known locally as the Iron Shore.

Buoys: three

The top of the reef is a flat stretch show-casing a mix of soft corals and volcanic rocks. A wall drops down to about 70ft (21m)and from here the site opens up to with flat stretches of sand scattered with big formations of volcanic rock.

There are a couple of interesting swim-throughs and overhangs, which makes it a scenic dive site. Maximum depth of the site is 90ft (27m). Due to the variation of rocky formations and sandy areas there is a great diversity of marine life.

Look for stingrays and the Yellowhead Jawfish in the sand, and around the wall you may see Barracudas, Tarpons and all types of Grunts. You may also experience a close encounter with a curious Green Moray Eel.

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