Little Bight

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Dive Site Description

Located about 15 minutes from Underwater Vision, Little Bight is one of the most popular dive sites around Utila because of its suitability for training dives and its interesting aquatic life.

Buoys: 2

A wide sand channel starts from the beach and slopes its way down growing wider and wider. At about 10ft (3m), an actual reef wall appears and it runs downward on both side of the wide channel. The shallow area near the beach makes a great base for confined water training, but also the skill portion of entry-level scuba training.

The sand drops enough to find the required depth to conduct deep dives, which makes it a great site for most PADI scuba diving courses. The sand at Little Bight is a great place to find Flounders, Garden Eels and Seahorses, but look also for the rarely seen Southern Stargazer and Sailfin Blennies in the very shallows. Along the reef wall you will see Trumpet fish, Angelfishes and often large Dog snappers.

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