Sting Ray Point

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Dive Site Description

Located about 30-35 minutes from Underwater Vision, Sting Ray Point is the last buoy on the south shore situated on the point that turns toward the Utila Cayes.

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A wide sand channel separates two reefs and the sand slopes down to about a 130ft (40m). The buoy is at about 15ft (4.5m) on the top of the reef. The reef drops from the Island so it gets extremely shallow going towards the shore.

The coral at Sting Ray Point is some of the healthiest on the island, and with the existence of picturesque pillar coral this dive site is known as a very pretty location. If you are an underwater photography enthusiast don't forget to bring your camera! You may even catch a turtle or two!

While conducting a deep dive look for Seahorses, Garden Eels and Stingrays in the sand channel. Closer to the reef you may find the Yellowhead Jawfish and lots of Tobacco Fish.

On the reef, look for Eagle rays, Parrotfish and lots of Lobsters. Stingray point is an ideal dive site for pretty much any PADI training dive and will delight fun divers regardless of their level of experience.

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