Fun Diving Packages with Underwater Vision in Utila

With over 80 dive sites surrounding Utila, this tropical island off the coast of mainland Honduras is a Certified Fun Divers paradise!

Come and explore the secrets that history and the underwater world have to offer in Utila and do it with some of the most experienced PADI Instructors and Divemasters!

Utila is famous for its abundance of marine life including a prolific ray population, sea turtles, colourful coral gardens and walls and for being on the migratory route of  the largest fish in the sea: the Whale Shark!

Fun Diving Packages

Number of DivesCost USD$
2 Dives$68
6 Dives$189
10 Dives$295
Night Dives$48 each
Underwater Vision Turtle Utila
  • Prices above include Utila's Reef Tax, Equipment Rental, PADI Certified Divemaster to guide you around the dive sites and Boat Trip to and from Dive Sites.
  • Departure times are: 7:30am; 1:00pm; 6:00pm from the dock at Underwater Vision. Please sign up the day before to ensure your place on the boat and your rental gear reservation.
  • There are two dives per boat trip in two different locations around the island. Only one dive per boat trip for night dives.
  • Please be aware that night dives are not included in the price for six or ten dive packages. A night dive with these packages will cost $45.
  • All prices are quoted in US Dollars.