My Experience as a Divemaster Trainee at Underwater Vision

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I became a Divemaster in Training (DMT), at Underwater Vision upon recommendation by travellers I met while staying in a hostel in Nicaragua. I have been a certified scuba diver for a few years but it had been my plan that while on this trip I will continue my dive training to include the PADI Rescue Diver course and to become a PADI Divemaster.

Get to know the marine life that populate the water surrounding Utila

My plan is to become a PADI Professional diver so that I can continue to travel and find work in various dive destinations around the world in order to explore more places underwater, meet new people, experience different cultures top side and best of all: get paid to dive!

True to the recommendation, Underwater Vision did not disappoint! The location is ideal for learning, working and socializing. It is a beautiful and busy place right on the sparkling water staffed and managed by very friendly and open locals and foreign transplants. I felt at home immediately when I sat down with my mentor at a picnic table in the sand, under the gently swaying palm trees with other DMTs and staff members and was brought into the fold!
The resort at Underwater Vision is a bautiful ideallic tropical place to spend some time completing the DMT internship in Utila
All of the PADI Dive staff at Underwater Vision including Instructors and Divemasters are inclusive of new-comers into the program and have all happily worked with me to help me to succeed and get the most out of the Divemaster program. From the skills tests to knowledge assignments I have had encouragement and mentoring every step of the way.

On most days, there are three boats which leave from the dock for dive trips in the morning, afternoon and evening. That’s five dives a day where it is possible to gain experience as a DMT. Whether through fun diving, dive training, or through shadowing the Professional dive Staff on recreational dive courses. It’s all experience and it’s all diving!

I have met some wonderful people since arriving at Underwater Vision in Utila. It is so much fun to be a part of the Open Water Diver courses, where new divers become certified and to be there to watch them conquer their nervousness and learn to relax and enjoy the underwater world! The group of DMTs I have had the pleasure of working and playing with have also added enrichment to my experience here. We have had so much fun learning and exploring Utila above and below the water, it is a time of my life that I will cherish forever!
Learning to scuba dive with skill, precision, safety and passion as a DMT at Underwater Vision PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Resort in Utila

The best thing about being a DMT is that it is not all work, in fact, doing something I love to do on a daily basis can hardly be considered work, but it’s also not all party either! There is some serious learning and diving going on here! The diving career development courses are taken seriously by the PADI Dive Staff, Administration and Course Director at Underwater Vision. There are plenty of opportunities to continue upward in the professional diving realm and this is the place to do it!

I have been busy since starting my DMT as it has been my choice to get as much experience and to learn as much from the dive staff here as possible! I have shadowed and helped out on many dive courses since starting my DMT. From the PADI Open Water Course, helping to set – up the dive boat and the gear and keep student divers together in a group underwater, to learning how to tie the dive boat up to the buoys at the dive sties, and acting as the ‘victim’, during simulation training for the PADI Rescue Diver course, I have learned so much and gained so much confidence in my abilities that I know when I complete the Divemaster internship in less than a week and get onto the paid Divemaster rotation at Underwater Vision, a dive shop and resort where I have grown as a professional diver and a place I have grown to love, I will be the best Divemaster I can possibly be!

Thanks to the staff at Underwater Vision I know that when I eventually go for my IDC I will be very well prepared and ready for success!

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