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PADI Divemaster
Class Price:

From $750.00

*14 days free accommodation

*PADI Core Class

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Duration: 12-30 Days

Become a PADI Professional
Minimum Age:
18 years and older.
Utila, Honduras.
Discover Your Path to Becoming a PADI Divemaster with Underwater Vision in Utila! Are you ready to take your passion for scuba diving to the next level? Look no further than Underwater Vision,a premier PADI Career Development Center in Utila not just with scuba training but also with a fun environment and the best beach front location on the island. At Underwater Vision, we understand that becoming a Divemaster is not just about acquiring a certification, but also gaining comprehensive knowledge, honing your skills, developing the confidence to lead and assist others underwater and creating unforgettable experiences and friends. That's why we provide a comprehensive and immersive training experience that will set you apart from the rest!

What You Should Expect

Personal Instruction: Our team of experienced and qualified PADI Staff Instructors will guide you every step of the way. Underwater Vision doesn't have a set schedule for our DMTs because we know each candidate is unique. During the course your mentor will share their knowledge & experience to shape you into a confident and competent Divemaster at a time and pace that fits you!

Hands-On Experience: Throughout the course, you'll have the opportunity to work closely with not only our instructors but real students and fun divers gaining valuable experience and building your leadership skills. You'll be involved in everything from guiding certified divers, supervising training sessions, learning dive boat management , and dive resort operations.

Dive in Paradise/Neverland: Utila is renowned for its stunning dive sites and vibrant marine life as well as its fun atmosphere. During the Divemaster course, you'll have the chance to explore these underwater wonders while putting your newfound skills to the test. Expect encounters with colorful coral reefs, majestic dolphins, participate in exciting conservation initiatives and even the chance to swim with whale sharks!

Professional Development: As a Divemaster, you become part of a global community of dive professionals. At Underwater Vision you also become part of a global dive family! We go beyond the basic training to prepare you for a successful and exciting career in the industry and we continue that support with discounts on our instructor courses and internships. We will also offer career support for life! We know that's a long time but we mean it! Become part of the family Underwater Vision is more than just a training facility; it's a vibrant dive center with a welcoming family of divers. During your Divemaster course, you'll become part of our family, connecting with fellow travelers and professionals who share your passion. IF after you finish the course you want to stay and work we also offer that opportunity!

+  What You'll Need

In addition to being ready to do lots of diving you will also need anything that will keep you comfortable away from home for the two+ weeks you will be in Utila, examples of this are swimsuits, towel, toiletries, a phone or tablet/ laptop to complete the e learning. For dive gear we do require all divemaster candidates to have their own dive computer but all other equipment is included! You will also need medical fitness and time to complete the program!

+  How Long It Will Take

The program takes a minimum of 10 days but it is not unusual for candidates to take two to four weeks or longer. Underwater vision offers not only the PADI required segments but also additional skills, workshops, free fun dives and a free conservation focused specialty course. The course is flexible and we are happy to work with those who are working remotely or need to split the course up into two or more separate trips.

+  Prerequisites

To be a certified Rescue Diver and a desire to become fully immersed in the world of scuba diving! In addittion to the Rescue Diver certification you'll need 40 logged dives, Primary and Secondary Care Training within 24 months and a Dive Computer.

+  Step By Step
Instructor Course Structure
   Knowledge Development
The divemaster course has nine chapters ranging from the role and characteristics of a PADI divemaster to chapters covering physics of diving, physiology of diving and diving equipment. Once you sign up for the course you will be assigned an E -Learning code directly to your email. This means you start completing the knowledge reviews and exams either here in utila or before you arrive!
   Workshops & Course Assist
Part of what makes the divemaster course so great is that you get to assist on REAL courses and gain hands-on experiences typical of those a working PADI Divemaster will encounter including but limited to leading divers, boat check in and check out procedures, rescue scenarios, scheduling, gear maintenance and more!
In addition to the required course work we have opted to give our divemaster candidates more by including double the required course assists and leads. Additional workshops on resort operations and management, equipment shed organization, dive boat procedures, beach clean up and dive against debris organization, and a specialty course!

   Knowledge Development

This can either be done online prior to your arrival or in one of our air conditioned classrooms. We will start with videos and knowledge reviews prior to the hands on skills.

   Hands-On Exercises

The instructor will take you through hands-on exercises from both primary and secondary care. Each skill will build upon the previous one until you have practiced all required skills.

   Scenario Practice

Once you have practiced skills the instructor will create 2 realistic scenarios for you to talk and respond through. This is not a test, just one more way for you to practice you new skills prior to certification.