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PADI Instructor Course
Class Price:

From $1,170.00

*14 days free accommodation

*PADI Core Class

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Duration: 14 Days

Become a PADI Instructor
Minimum Age:
18 years and older.
Utila, Honduras.
The PADI Instructor course is for those ready to take the jump into the best career imaginable. Having the ocean as your office is something that only some can dream of. If you are ready to share your passion SCUBA with others and have every day be an adventure this course is for you. After a few weeks of hands-on workshops and training you will have a brand new career full of exciting possibilities that you can utilize anywhere in the world. Turn your dreams into a reality with a course director who has over 20 years of diving experience, years consecutive years of PADI platinum trainer awards and a job network of alumni working in and running dive shops around the world.

What You Should Expect
To have a once in a lifetime experience with other candidates from all around the world learning how to teach SCUBA in a hands-on and fun way. The course will expand on previously learned skills but also teach you countless skills and techniques that you will use to sell, organize and teach premium PADI diving courses anywhere in the world. You won't just have a dedicated course director but a genuine and passionate professional dedicated to helping YOU become the best instructor you can be, not just to pass the instructor exams but to excel in our unique industry.

+  What You'll Need

In addition to being ready to do lots of diving and studying you will also need anything that will keep you comfortable away from home for the two+ weeks you will be in Utila, examples of this are swimsuits, towel, toiletries, a phone or tablet/ laptop to complete the e-learning.

+  How Long It Will Take

The program takes 14 days but we do encourage candidates to come a few days early to take advantage of our free IDC Prep led by our platinum rated course director. This course does come with 14 nights accommodation in our shared dorms and free fun diving!

+  Prerequisites

The prerequisites for the PADI Instructor Development Course are to be a certified diver for 6 months, hold a Divemaster or equivalent rating and have 100 logged dives. If you do not have any of those things please do not hesitate to reach out to us! Underwater Vision is the only dive shop in the region that does not charge our candidates for pre week dives, rental equipment, accommodation during the course and even offers paid divemaster work to candidates prior to starting the IDC! For this program you will need to be ready for an intense but fun immersion into all things PADI and diving.

+  Step By Step
Instructor Course Structure
   Knowledge Development
The PADI E-learning can be done in one of two ways. Once you book the program you receive your E Learning immediately to your email. This means you can complete all of the theory prior to the start of the program. If you do not have time to complete any or all of the E- Learning ahead of the course you can complete the e learning and the IDC curriculum concurrently! Each E-Learning segment represents either an in class presentation or workshop where the course director and staff instructor will be able to re-apply and clarify any and all information from the E-Learning.
   Extra Workshops
Part of what makes the Instructor course at underwater vision so unique is our extras! One of our key additions is our core course workshops. Instead of just covering the basics in theory for the open water, advanced, rescue and specialty courses we dedicate time in the water time to learn, practice and master the art demonstrating and correcting problems to not just the skills on your assignment sheet but all of the key skills in the PADI system. This allows us to mean it when we say we care. In addition to our workshops and personnel group sizes we include dive gear rental, sidemount and full face mask try dives, professional quality n water and out of water photos, accommodation, resume building, one on one theory prep, access to laptops or tablets for course work and career support for life.
   Graded Presentation
During the IDC in order to demonstrate competence in teaching the PADI system there are a set amount of required graded presentations in open water, confined water and the classroom, we are pleased to offer our candidates extra in each! Before any initial scored presentation our course director and staff will teach, demonstrate and help you prepare making sure you have a solid understanding before you start!
   PADI Instructor Exam
In Utila we are lucky to have a monthly PADI Instructor Exam to send our candidates directly after the IDC while the knowledge and skills are fresh. The program has a relaxed schedule and takes place over three days allowings you plenty of time to prepare. The IE facilities are at a local resort and only 7 minutes golf cart ride from Underwater vision.

   Knowledge Development

This can either be done online prior to your arrival or in one of our air conditioned classrooms. We will start with videos and knowledge reviews prior to the hands on skills.

   Hands-On Exercises

The instructor will take you through hands-on exercises from both primary and secondary care. Each skill will build upon the previous one until you have practiced all required skills.

   Scenario Practice

Once you have practiced skills the instructor will create 2 realistic scenarios for you to talk and respond through. This is not a test, just one more way for you to practice you new skills prior to certification.