Sofie Ørnstedt

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Traveling the world has always been Sofie's dream. During her travels she stumbled upon a true Caribbean paradise; Utila. This is where she discovered a whole new world through SCUBA. She completed PADI Open Water Diver course through to PADI Divemaster with the Zero to Hero Package (Open Water – Divemaster). She had worked as a divemaster for many years, and her passion for the marine world grew with every dive.
She wanted to introduce others to the wonders of the underwater world and challenge herself on another level, which is why she became a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor by attending a PADI Instructor Development Course. She is fulfilled by sharing her passion with other travelers.
Conservation is another aspect of diving that she is passionate about.  As a dive professional she believes that the delicate marine ecosystem should be protected and preserved because she would like for future generations to enjoy the same creatures she dives with every day.
Sofie cherishes any opportunity to get in the water to do some scuba diving, but she has a special spot in her heart for the plunging walls at Black Coral Wall on the south side of Utila and the labyrinth of channels at The Maze on the north side of Utila here on our beautiful Caribbean paradise!
PADI Master Instructor/Tec Deep Instructor
Danish and English