Tamara Cooper

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My family and I would love to welcome you to Utila and to our home! Underwater Vision and Hotel Trudy are the businesses we have been operating since 1991 but we have been taking visitors to explore the underwater realm for many years before that!

I was born and raised on Utila and my family has lived here for many generations.

I was introduced to scuba diving at the age of 9 by my brother Stan. Stan thought it was time for me to learn about the family business and teaching me to scuba dive would be the best approach. He was right. I fell in love with scuba diving and was excited to run the business.

My favorite dive site is Stingray Point. The site hosts tons of little nudibranchs, sea slugs, frog fishes and other large and small creatures that I enjoying seeing on dives. It is an awesome site for day dives and spectacular for night dives

If you come to dive with us, whether to become PADI certified, to Go Pro (become a scuba diving professional), or to enjoy fun diving, we will do everything we can to make sure you have a safe, fun-filled time spent as a part of our family!

General Manager
Open Water Scuba Instructor
English and Spanish